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If you’re seeking Haroot and Maroot Story in Urdu Pdf, then you’ve arrived at the right webpage.

In this post, we will share the Harut and Marut story in pdf format for educational purposes.

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Haroot Maroot Ka Waqia in Urdu Pdf

According to Islamic history, Haroot and Maroot were two angels assigned to test the faith of humans on Earth. Unfortunately, they gave in to the allure of worldly pleasures and committed sins, leading to their punishment and imprisonment.

This story reminds us that when we succumb to temptation, there are serious effects. As a result, we should stick to our principles and not stray from the right path.

In this Qissa Haroot o Maroot Ka book, you can read the following topics;

  • Biography of Haroot and Maroot in Urdu
  • The Origins and Background of Haroot and Maroot
  • The Sin of Haroot and Maroot and Their Punishment
  • The Role of Angels in Protecting Human Beings from Magic
  • The Different Types of Magic in Islam
  • The Dangers of Black Magic and Its Consequences
  • The Islamic Perspective on Seeking Help from Magic
  • The Role of Faith and Prayer in Protecting Against Magic

You can download the complete story of Haroot o Maroot in Pdf by clicking the below link.

About Book
Name of Book Qissa Harot o Marot Aur Jadu Ki Haqiqat
Name of Author Allama Sayyad Badi Uddin Shah Rashidi
Translated by Dr. Jamal Uddin Ansari
Pages 94
Language Urdu
Format PDF
File Size 2.3MB
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