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If you’re looking for Palestine History in Urdu Pdf, then you’ve arrived at the right webpage.

Here we will share the complete story of Palestine in pdf format for educational purposes.

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History of Palestine in Urdu Pdf

The book tells a brave story about the people of Palestine, who are fighting for their freedom against the harsh treatment of the Jewish forces. Despite facing challenges, they show great courage and bravery as they strive for success in their pursuit of freedom.

The struggle of the Palestinian people for their homeland and the preservation of Bait ul-Maqdis reflect their unwavering determination to achieve justice, freedom, and self-determination.

The book inspires readers with their unwavering spirit and efforts in their struggle for liberation, showing how brave and strong they are despite facing difficulties.

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Name of Book Palestine Novel Pdf
Name of Author Almas MA
Pages 164
Language Urdu
Format PDF
File Size 4.37 MB
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