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Here we will share the best book about history of Ghazwa e Uhud in pdf format for educational purposes.

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Battle of Uhud History in Urdu Pdf

The Battle of Uhud was an important event in Islamic history. In 625 C.E., in Medina, the early Muslim community commanded by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) fought against a formidable enemy from Makkah known as the Quraysh. For the Muslims, the battle was a test of faith and bravery.

In this book, we will look at the complete story of the Battle of Uhud. We’ll learn about both sides’ strategies and decisions and how they fought on Uhud’s rocky terrain. We will also learn about the brave people who played important parts in the battle.

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About Book
Name of Book Ghazwa e Uhad
Name of Author Abdul Malik Majid
Pages 51
Language Urdu
Format PDF
File Size 4.18 MB
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